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Halloween pumpkin 2011


So today was pumpkin carving day! How exciting!

I love carving pumpkins, and I trawl the Internet for inspiration every year. Last year I did jack skellington and this year I decided to do a cat in a tree looking at the moon. Sort of! You can decide for yourself if that’s how it looks!

Me and my other half have a competition who will be best, I’m quietly quite confident about mine this year 🙂



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Judy’s affordable vintage fair


I just got back from Tallinn in the early hours of this morning so a proper blog post will appear over the weekend 🙂

Just a quick post to mention a nice little vintage fair I often go to when it’s in town. It’s also at my old university so I feel quite at home there!

Judy’s affordable vintage fair rolls into Newcastle next Saturday on the 5th of November. It’s at the students union on the Northumbria university campus. Tickets cost £2 and it’s on from 11am to 4pm. I’ll be there sniffing out some vintage costume jewellery and maybe another pill box hat for the collection. 🙂

Check out these links for more info!

judy’s affordable vintage fair on facebook

judy’s affordable vintage fair on twitter

judy’s affordable vintage fair on blogspot

See you there!




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Tallinn sacher torte


In Tallinn they sandwich the sacher torte with apricot jam as well as glaze the top. Tasty!

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Manchester science festival

Just a short post from Manchester! I attended the BBC ‘bang goes the theory’ live event yesterday as part of Manchester science festival.

I was on the look out for new experiments and ideas to take back to work and I’ve picked up a few fun ideas.

I especially liked the live demo of using melted sweets to make glue, and the astronaut tests. I also saw a really good healthy eating demo that I can’t wait to set up, I’ll blog it when I get the chance to make it 🙂

A group of children were using maggots to paint with, they blobbed paint on a piece of paper and then popped a handful of maggots on to the paper and they wriggled around spreading the paint into pretty patterns. Haven’t quite decided if it was cruel to the maggots or not!

Off to Mr Scruff’s tea shop called teacup in the northern quarter today. Right after the rugby world cup final 🙂





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Quick update

There won’t be a regular weekend post and definitely no baking or crochet 😦 as I’m away in Manchester this weekend for Manchester science festival and the bang goes the theory live show.

Then on Monday we drive up to Edinburgh to fly out to Tallinn, Estonia for a few days. I’ll be back next weekend! 🙂


P.S thanks to everyone for visiting my blog, I’ve had more visits than I could have hoped for in the short time it’s been up!

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Missoni throw


I had problems posting this photo earlier, so here’s a quick image of the Missoni inspired throw I’ve been working on. Nearly finished! X


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Sacher Torte

Sacher Torte

Now, I know I should have been terrified by the prospect of making a sacher torte, but actually, I thought it looked quite simple really and I was excited about giving it a go!

I visited Vienna with my other half a few years ago and fell in love with the city and the cakes. Especially the cake shop with the ladies in the pink uniforms (but I don’t remember the name of it!)

Again, I followed the Mary Berry recipe for Sacher torte, so I was expecting reasonable results as long as I followed the recipe to the letter.

I took my time with the batter mix, folding in egg whites means you can’t really do anything else! It settled really nicely in the tin and levelled out beautifully, I was delighted with the bake and it stayed level throughout, I was worried about it sinking as it cooled, but I was pleasantly surprised that the sinking was minimal. It took FOREVER to cool though, I really didn’t want to glaze it when it was still warm, so I ended up leaving the cake to cool overnight and then glazing the following morning. The ganache was simple to make and covered the cake perfectly.

After the topping had set I think I made a huge mistake by putting it in the fridge. The topping set incredibly hard and fudgey, and lifted away from the cake on cutting. Ooops!

So I left it out of the fridge and once it had reached room temperature it seemed to be alright. The texture of the cake improved too, it had been akin to plasticine before that! So, lesson learned – don’t put your sacher torte in a really cold fridge!

The nice thing about this cake is that it serves a lot of people as it’s so rich, so I think it would be a perfect party cake – I’ll probably make another one for the Christmas party season.

I did attempt to pipe ‘Sacher’ across the top, but I had yet another disaster with my new piping bag and only got ‘Sa’ piped.

My other half has pleaded with me not to bake anything next weekend, because he’s convinced he’s putting on weight. However, I will be making a plate pie for tea next Saturday though 🙂



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