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Whitney sews


Forgot to blog this at the time, but I’ve remembered now. I’d forget my head If it wasn’t screwed on!

I follow a really great girl on YouTube called Whitney Edwards – Check out her account at ‘aglanceatmyworld’ she’s also on Facebook and twitter.

She makes excellent video tutorials on a whole host of sewing topics suitable for beginners and experts alike.

Anyhoo, I was really lucky to be a winner in her giveaway to celebrate her getting 2000 followers. She custom made for me a lovely curvy clutch finished with gorgeous trim. I was delighted when it arrived and even more delighted when I opened the clutch to find a lovely note and an extra surprise of lace trim and cute little buttons!

Thanks so much, Whitney! I love my clutch and it’s made the perfect kindle holder so it stays safe in my handbag 🙂

Look her up guys!


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Appliqué blanket project

Just another quick post!

A couple of christmas’s ago my lovely friend Clare bought me a Cath Kidston book of seeing projects and I fancied making a quilt of some sort from it.

Finally had the opportunity to do so when our friends Charles and Yuki announced they were expecting a baby.

It’s not a true patchwork quilt, but a combination of appliqué and patchwork. As it was a first attempt at making such a thing I was terrified I would ruin it. I’ve been working on it since before Christmas 2011 and I just finished this week. An expert stitcher could probably do this in a few days!

I really hope they like it and I hope the as yet unnamed baby likes it when she arrives in the world in May 🙂



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Cat baby


Long time no post, and I’m about to hit you with two! I’m on fire. Well, simmering at least.

This is a brief post to introduce to the new family member I mentioned in my previous post.

Elliott is a white and tabby neutered Tom. We got him from our local cats protection league branch.

He’s between 4 and 6 years old and had a bit of a bad time of it before we got him. He’d been abandoned by his owners and was being bullied by other cats as well as being abused by people. He is missing one of his fangs, and missing his lower teeth between his lower fangs, another tooth was badly damaged. His coat was a mess and he has a squinty eye. But we loved him at first sight.

He’s now a beautiful, friendly cat. Very playful and cuddly. When I say playful I also mean downright naughty, but you can’t really be cross with him.

Welcome to the family Elliott!



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