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All new for 2014-2015

Yep, crap blogger. Never update this thing. But things have changed a little bit recently and I’m going to need somewhere to pull all my thoughts together and try things out and also to have something to look back on after all is said and done.

I’ve been with my other half for a long time now, over 8 years and we’ve been through a lot, good stuff/bad stuff, like everyone. We always knew we wanted to get married but it’s only just come together. We’ve made it official and will be getting married in August 2015.

I won’t be making my own cake, I won’t have time and I don’t want the added faff, plus I know some fabulous cake makers running excellent cake making businesses.

There will be an element of DIY, I want everything to have a personal touch and for our guests to know that it is very ‘us’. I’m guessing that everyone would like something along those lines, so I’m going to use my blog now to try out different DIYs, Pinterest ideas etc while there’s still time to make changes and try lots of things.

My dress is a secret, meet me for coffee and I’ll show you a sketch. Maybe. But I also hope to introduce the various vendors we meet along the way, and some honest reviews of their services after the event.

Wedding fever has hit. We are excited. Stand by.


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