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Bride on a mission pt2

So I’ve reached the end of my monthly barre workout pass and have I seen a difference? Have I ever!

I had pootled along quite nicely for a while, one or two classes a week. The same class at the same time. Going to gym for an hour 3 times a week, the same machines, the same exercise. Truth is, I was bored and in a routine, habits are good I think so I never did anything to push myself. The times I did push myself like going to BRX, I would feel so frustrated with myself that I never tried it again.

So getting a monthly pass was a bit of an eye opener for me. I was determined to use it and abuse it, so I booked in for a class almost every day. Even if it was a 30 minute express class. The change in classes, pace and moves was an absolute eye opener. I could slouch into class after work feeling tired and fed up and leave on cloud 9, happy knowing I’d pushed my body and got a little bit stronger every day.

BRX was the elephant in the room for me. The class I’ve always wanted to do and in my eyes, the one i always failed miserably at. I usually ended up feeling deflated and weepy and very frustrated with myself. But instead of facing up to it I refused to go and try again, so it just got bigger and bigger in my head.

So after a month of feeling great, strong and probably in the best condition I’ve ever been in I was talked into BRX. On the day I felt sick, nervous and spent most of the day making excuses about how rubbish I would be. I wasn’t really listening to Clare by the time the class started, i’d talked myself into being rubbish so I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled the best BRX class I’d ever done out of the bag. I almost (almost!) enjoyed it. It was hard, really hard and my muscles still ache but I felt amazing by the end of it, like I could take on anything. I’ve said it before and I say it again, for all my body is short, dumpy and a bit squidgy it continues to surprise me with what it can do.

If you don’t know what BRX is, it’s a bit like the TRX kit you see at the gym but done with a strap hooked over the barre. So you work with your feet in suspension.

I did a 1st barre class today two days after and yes, it was hard, but I survived and could do everything. I think even my press ups improved a little!

I have loved doing a barre class every day and I’ve become quite curious about ballet and the origins of the barre workout, so I took a HUGE step for me and booked myself into a real life, actual proper ballet class for grown up beginners. Class starts on Monday. Wish me luck!

My body is changing, In small ways to start, but it is. I still find looking at myself in the mirrors during barre a horrible experience, but I’m looking forward to the day I’ll be proud to see myself working out. I should be proud now, I’m doing better than everyone still sat on the sofa. I’ve lost half a stone and around 5 inches in total from various parts of my body, a pretty good start!

Thanks, as always, goes to the great team at the barre workout in Newcastle and all the lovely barre belles I’ve got to know a little bit better just by being there so often, you really can’t get a more supportive place to work out. No one has ever judged me or told me I can’t do something because of the body I have, I’ve only ever felt encouraged. If only all gyms and classes were like that. #nobodyshame

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