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It’s been a while.

I intended to start updating in the new year, but I’ve had a few issues that stopped me in my baking and crafty tracks.

Firstly, I had a bit of a wake up call. I am a proud plus size gal but I went from being plus size to FAAAAAAAT. So I decided to do something about it. I joined weight watchers straight after Christmas and so far I’ve lost over a stone in weight and I’m feeling better about myself.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to shift my focus away from baking gloriously sinful treats to more healthy options. I’m still finding my feet with regards to building my own recipes, but I will endeavour to provide an update soon.

Then I started a hush hush craft project for a friend and couldn’t risk it being seen on my blog, so radio silence on that front will be broken soon.

Then just as I was thinking about starting blogging again we (as in my boyfriend and I) hit a major roadblock that I really don’t want to go into on a blog, we’re both fine and very much in love but we need to deal with this issue before I can commit to my blog again.

Then. THEN! There’s more. We got a cat. He’s called Elliott and we adopted him from the cats protection league. We’ve only had him a few days do we’re still settling him in. He’s lovely and I’ll introduce you in another post.


So that’s that. Can’t believe it’s only February and already our plans for the year are in turmoil. We will prevail, however and I hope to blog a little more frequently from now on.



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Bunny slipper crochet


Just thought I’d post a quick image of the book I’m making my bunny slippers from. It’s one of the first crochet books I ever bought and I’ve made just about every project in it. The bunny slippers were a very early project for me and they were a disaster. So I intend on doing them properly this time! See photos for details on the book and project. I’ll share my finished slippers with you when I’m done!





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I’ve not forgotten!

I’m not neglecting my blog, but I’m in the middle of the busiest three weeks I’ve had in a while. So much going on at work!

As soon as I get a chance I’ll be updating about my party dress, a quilt I’m about to start, the crochet bunny slippers, a chocolate and raspberry tart, my cranberry and Wensleydale cheese tartlets for our Christmas day lunch, Christmas cupcakes and a partridge in a pear tree. Maybe not quite a partridge, but it certainly feels like it!




missoni style

We don’t have ‘target’ stores in the UK, or if we do, not in my part of the UK! But, that didn’t stop me from getting quite excited by the news that Missoni launched a range for the store in America.

I was particularly taken by the chevron design throw. In my new home, i’ve gone for a fairly bold colour scheme in the living room (or as bold as my boyfriend will let me get!), i thought the pattern in the right colours would make a great throw for an old chair from my boyfriend’s student days. It’s now mainly used as the ‘xbox chair’, but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t look pretty!

I followed the links from the brilliant and beautiful and incredibly talented crafty sort Meg Allan Cole’s tumblr page┬áto another lovely crafty lady, Vicki Howell who has made a ‘copycat’ pattern for the Missoni throw. I’ve long admired the old fashioned zig zag crochet style, but have never attempted it until now,

It’s a very simple stitch, so it’s great for slobbing in front of the TV, or taking along on the bus/metro or as i’ve been doing, lunchbreak at work. It’s grown very quickly, and i’m happy with it. It’s completely customisable, and i’ve altered the number of the rows and the colours to suit my own taste,

Give it a go! And check out the other posts on Meg Allan Cole’s blog while you’re over there – she’s a great inspiration!



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