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I’ve not forgotten!

I’m not neglecting my blog, but I’m in the middle of the busiest three weeks I’ve had in a while. So much going on at work!

As soon as I get a chance I’ll be updating about my party dress, a quilt I’m about to start, the crochet bunny slippers, a chocolate and raspberry tart, my cranberry and Wensleydale cheese tartlets for our Christmas day lunch, Christmas cupcakes and a partridge in a pear tree. Maybe not quite a partridge, but it certainly feels like it!




Judy’s Vintage Fair, Newcastle November 2011

Judy’s Vintage Fair, Newcastle November 2011

A brief post on the Affordable Vintage Fair at Northumbria University last weekend.

Brief mainly because there was very little there to write about. It was definitely smaller than usual and i think there were far too many items from the 80s and 90s – maybe it’s because i’m a child of the 80s that i have no desire to see a lurid array of C&A jumpers and cut off denim shorts.

I don’t usually go for clothes anyway, so i was disappointed to find the people i usually buy my jewellery from weren’t there and that half the hall was empty. The stands that were there were packed in tight making it look even more empty.

A very good band were playing, but were met with only limp applause, which is probably worse than getting no applause at all! Sadly, i didn’t catch the name of the band, but i will look into it and report back on their name.



There was one stand that was very interesting and had some beautiful vintage evening gowns, the feature image is from one of the rails on that stand and the image below is a detail of a gorgeous, floaty, knee length gown (possibly 1950s?) It was quite inspiring and i think i’ll try to incorporate some of the design details i saw into my next seewing project.

I bought a brooch in the end. Nothing exciting, but i do like a bit of sparkle.

Hope the next fair is a better attended by traders! There were no shortage of punters!


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Judy’s affordable vintage fair


I just got back from Tallinn in the early hours of this morning so a proper blog post will appear over the weekend 🙂

Just a quick post to mention a nice little vintage fair I often go to when it’s in town. It’s also at my old university so I feel quite at home there!

Judy’s affordable vintage fair rolls into Newcastle next Saturday on the 5th of November. It’s at the students union on the Northumbria university campus. Tickets cost £2 and it’s on from 11am to 4pm. I’ll be there sniffing out some vintage costume jewellery and maybe another pill box hat for the collection. 🙂

Check out these links for more info!

judy’s affordable vintage fair on facebook

judy’s affordable vintage fair on twitter

judy’s affordable vintage fair on blogspot

See you there!




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