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Hollywood Cake Contest 2013


So last bank holiday weekend saw the return of the Tyneside Cinema anniversary weekend and with it (fanfare, please) the Hollywood cake contest!

And I wasn’t going to enter. I’d just made a cake for my parents ruby wedding anniversary, it had been a really tough week at work, I was pooped. And uninspired. And grumpy.

But then, having lunch in sunny Tynemouth with le boyfriend, we chatted about it and from nowhere, like some sort of divine intervention he said

“Pet Semetary”

With that shrug of someone who knows they’ve had a genius idea but doesn’t want to look too smug about it.

What’s not to love about murderous undead pets, children and wives in book and film format?

Anyhow. Back to the cake.

I went with my favourite chocolate cake recipe, filled it with vanilla buttercream and apricot jam and topped it chocolate buttercream.

And then came the fun stuff. I dyed coconut green (grass) and crumbled up a couple of flakes (earth) and shaped a very simple tombstone (RIP FLUFFY lovingly painted on with gel colouring) followed by four paws and two ears.

You can see from the photo how they were arranged. I was going for the ‘undead bunny about to leap forth’ look.

I know. I know. It should have been a cat. But a bunny was just…funny?

Took no time at all to do, got good marks for taste, texture and all that jazz but because the judge had never heard of either the book or the film, he awarded 3rd place.

Ah well, there’s always next year. Happy to place, but would love a higher placed finish next year.

Would love to do a Tarantino homage next time…



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Hollywood cake competition


Long time no blog. I’m really bad at keeping this up to date.

But here I am, so I obviously have news.

In Newcastle we have a beautiful old cinema called the Tyneside Cinema and every year they hold a special weekend celebration of films from across the decades and genres – always fun! As part of this glorious weekend they hold a cake competition. I’m a horribly competitive person so I’ve stayed away from things like that in the past, but thought I would give it a bash.

So I set about designing a cake based on one of my favourite films ‘breakfast at Tiffany’s’.

I made a triple layer, flour less chocolate cake filled with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream. The recipe is a Mary Berry one (of course). Baked in a rectangular tin, but squared off so I could make the infamous blue box.

I’m really lucky to have a great cake supply shop near me called ‘design a cake’ who sold ready coloured icing in Tiffany blue. So that was an easy job.

A week before the big day I set to making breakfast items including a tiny croissant 🙂 I glazed everything for a bit of extra sparkle.
I used a gold and silver cake spray to make the jewellery items and some sugar sparkles for extra twinkle.

I really didn’t know what I was doing, I very rarely decorate cakes in that manner, but everyone has to start somewhere – I just chose to jump in at the deep end!

Very nervously, I took my cake to the cinema. There were about 13 other cakes in all an they were all amazing! Finding nemo, man in the moon, the third man…all excellent!

Waiting to be judged made me so nervous – but the other people who entered were lovely and so supportive of each other. I was delighted with the judges comments, scoring well on flavour and originality.

I was so happy to place third in the competition! The second place and winner were so well deserved, I couldn’t believe I’d been compared to them!

Really looking forward to next years competition!







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