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Bride on a mission – skincare

Bride on a mission – skincare

No, I’m not venturing into the land of the beauty blogger, fear not. I am the last person you would come to for advice on eyeliner. I aim for Elizabeth Taylor, I might on the odd occasion, get somewhere close to her remarkable flicks, but more often than not it ends up a bit Amy Winehouse.

No. This is about my dreadful skin and my fear of it being seen by so many people and also picked up on camera by the photographer. I have never had acne or any really major breakouts, just red, sensitive and that weird oily/dry thing going on on my face. I do have eczema, but thankfully not anywhere near as bad as some people do. This mainly affects my legs, so the summer is a minefield for me. Brilliant. I’ve booked a summer wedding.

So, something had to be done. I sought advice. I asked around. I sidled up to people with nice skin and asked them in my best ‘not a serial killer, honest’ voice, how did they get such lovely skin. People were forthcoming. Everyone had an opinion. Everything from “just use soap and water” to “I know this place where they’ll burn off your skin and start again with new skin”. Hm.

Clinique popped up a few times, and I have to say, the people who mentioned it do have lovely skin. So I made an appointment for a consultation. What I liked about Clinique was that pretty much everything was suitable for use on my extremely sensitive skin. The consultation was thorough and we managed to nail down my concerns. I hated the redness in my skin and the uneven tone. So we worked out a routine and tried the products, it didn’t feel like a particularly hard sell as all the products you liked are stored in your file and you can come back for them whenever you like.

I’ve been using the Clinique redness treatments and large pore treatments for a few months now, and even by the end of the first week, Mr H even commented on how good my skin was looking. It’s got better and better. I’ve now added Clinique foundation and powder to my routine and it’s the first time I’ve ever had a foundation that truly suits my skin tone. I’m impressed. My skin feels less red and prone to irritation, it’s also a great base for make up.

So, face sorted out and feeling much happier about things, I decided it was time to tackle the dreaded eczema. I’ve discovered several things about this over the lifetime I’ve had problems with it. One, lanolin gives me all the itchy. Two, anything from the e45 range gives me all the itchy. Three, anything overly scented/faffed about with/tatted up/cheap/or luxury spa brand will bring on a bout of eczema so horrific I have to hibernate for days.

The summer is never easy. No one wants to see my legs, but the sun does help them to get better. But what’s this!? Sun lotion triggers my eczema. FML. Ok, so a few minutes brief exposure it is then. Brilliant. Undeterred, I went on a product sampling rampage. I seem to have hit on a good combination and amazingly it’s inexpensive. This is a first for me.
Now, I appreciate that we’re all different and finding your triggers, avoiding flare ups etc are different for all of us. So I recommend, but use with caution.

I’m now using the boots Dermacare range, including their hydrocortisone cream/ointment for those itchy little flare ups. I’m also using Palmer’s coco butter for my all over moisturising needs. This has the benefit of smelling like you’ve been dipped in chocolate, but I’ve also found it not too greasy, easy to rub in and it lasts for ages.

Add to this my fantastic friend Clare made me my own special body butter and body scrub for getting my skin into shape for the wedding. She’s really quite amazing and quite clearly has a sixth sense for whatever I’ve been fretting about. Both work brilliantly and the scrub is no where near as harsh as some I’ve bought. So thanks Clare, you’re a star!

I’ve got my hair to sort out next. Wish me luck! 20140720-175047-64247080.jpg


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